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  • Embossing Lid

    Highlight key features such as a logo or image on your···

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  • Window Lid

    Products visualization to attract your customers.

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  • Lunch Tin Box

    Food Grade Wide Application Tin Lunch Box with Handle

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  • No Printing Box

    Not just a box,is a promotion for your products.

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  • Ready to Ship Tins

    Providing brands with optimum impact and shelf appeal.

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Brands We’ve Cooperated

  • | Harper Holmes

    Gentlemens Hardware

    Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Gentlemen's Hardware crafts superior, durable and responsibly sou···

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  • | Harper Holmes


    Grains is a high-quality biscuit brand in South Korea, ranking first in South Korea and recognized b···

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  • | Harper Holmes


    Goplana begins in a tiny factory on the outskirts of Poznań. Soon after opening a larger factory, th···

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