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Ballast Point Beer Cans Nearly Ready For Drinking
Time:2013.03.16 News Sources:Dongguan Changcheng Cans Co., Ltd.

Ballast Point Beer Cans Nearly Ready For Drinking
Ballast Point sent over some photos of their hot-off-the-presses beer cans that are being run in Colorado and are scheduled to be filled on the brewery's new canning line next week. The first go-round for SoCal distribution are Sculpin IPA, Big Eye IPA, Longfin Lager and Pale Ale; head brewer Yuseff Cheney says the company expects the cans to be on store shelves by April 1.

A previous can design that included the handiwork of in-house artist Paul Elder had to be reconfigured and replaced with a simpler style, so the cases holding each six pack will now feature the original artwork.

Cherney, who is also Ballast Point's head distiller, also shared that Ballast Point Spirits' long-awaited Devil's Share Whiskey is two and a half months away from public consumption; their new Mai Tai mix should be ready in half that time.

The Mai Tai mix and some of the Ballast Point crew might be making an appearance Friday at The High Dive for the bar's Tiki Mug release party. A well-regarded bartender from the Cowboy Star has been consulting on a new cocktail menu for The High Dive, which includes an Armada punch bowl filled with nearly every Ballast Point spirit.